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Hi! Welcome to Diversify Tech's Professional Edition. This newsletter is for underrepresented people in tech; specifically curated for mid-senior level folks. Every Tuesday, we share jobs, events, and other career opportunities.

In this week's edition,

💼 Planning Center and City of Santa Monica are hiring
⭐️ This week's spotlight is on Leon Noel
📆 Blacks in Tech x Techqueria Career Fair is coming up


Opportunities from our hiring partners

Software Development


  • Data Analyst, Doximity, San Francisco, CA or Remote (U.S.), $110,000 - $150,000 (inclusive of salary + equity)

Information Technology

Opportunities from around the web

Please note that these roles have not been vetted by our team! Make sure to do your own research.




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Meet Leon Noel, an internationally recognized software developer and entrepreneur. He's the Managing Director of Engineering at Resilient Coders and Distinguished Faculty at General Assembly. He's dedicated to helping people, often overlooked in tech, become successful software engineers.

Before stepping into his role at Resilient Coders, Leon co-founded SocialSci, a scientific surveying company used by over 4000 academic institutions. He also taught at Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Business.

At Resilient Coders, he is all about training people of color for high-growth careers in software engineering and helping them land jobs. Leon's mission to make tech more inclusive continues with #100Devs, a free fully remote coding bootcamp.




⚙️ How to deal with API rate limits

⚡️ Productivity is Something You Do for Yourself

💭 Some thoughts on interviewing by Jean Hsu

🤖 Less Discriminatory Algorithms by Emily Black & more!


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