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Hi! Welcome to Diversify Tech's Professional Edition. This newsletter is for underrepresented people in tech; specifically curated for mid-senior level folks. Every Tuesday, we share jobs, events, and other career opportunities.

In this week's edition,

💼 Fraym and Doximity are hiring
⭐️ This week's spotlight is on Ayodele Odubela
🚀 10% off on the course on 'Self-Advocacy for Growing Your Technology Career'
🤖 Introduction to Auditing AI Systems course free until April 5th


Opportunities from our hiring partners

Software Development

  • Software Engineer, Fraym, Remote - Between UTC-8 and UTC+3 time zone range (North America, South America, Europe, Africa), US Based: $110,000-$120,000 - Compensation Dependent Upon Location


  • Data Analyst, Doximity, San Francisco, CA or Remote (U.S.), $110,000 - $150,000 (inclusive of salary + equity)

Information Technology

Opportunities found around the web

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Meet Ayodele Odubela, a Data Scientist and the Founder of AI Alternatives Lab. She also stands out as one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics. She is currently a Product Marketing Manager at Observable. Her work champions inclusivity and responsible AI, driving forward the mission to make technology accessible for everyone.

Ayodele Odubela is at the forefront of ethical AI, teaching LinkedIn Learning courses including "Foundations of Responsible AI" and "Introduction to Auditing AI Systems", free until 4/5/24, and is preparing a Python AI Auditing course. An advocate for accessibility, she shares valuable insights through her blog and YouTube channel 🤖 Your AI Big Sis, and her newsletter AI Anti-Hype, contributing greatly to the tech community.

For her birthday on the 30th, Ayodele has made a special request: instead of gifts, she's asking for donations to support Naya, who is currently experiencing homelessness and looking for work. To help, you can contribute via Cash App or Venmo ($namoslabs).

Stay connected with Ayodele’s impactful work by following her on Twitter, LinkedIn or her newsletter AI Anti-Hype.


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💪🏽 Overcoming Fear in this Economy

☁️ Cloud Career Journeys: How to Get Started in Cloud in 2024

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🤖 Introduction to Auditing AI Systems course by Ayodele Odubela free until April 5th


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