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Meet Fatima Sarah Khalid, a Developer Evangelist at GitLab. She specializes in CI/CD, community building, and evangelizing AI-powered workflows. She was recently recognized with the Top DevOps Evangelist of the Year award!

Fatima went to New York University where she studied Computer Science and Broadcast Journalism. After that, she worked at Microsoft Technology & Civic Engagement as a Civic Tech Fellow and Frontend Developer. She also worked for the City of Boston and Pantheon.

She is deeply passionate about open source and is committed to building more inclusive tech communities. She was a core contributor to Drupal. As part of the leadership team for the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion working group, she led initiatives to make the Drupal community a more inclusive tech space.

You can follow Fatima's vibrant journey and connect with her on Twitter or dive deeper into her professional achievements and musings on her LinkedIn.




🚀 O'Reilly is offering 500 scholarships giving recipients full access to their learning platform to empower underrepresented talents in techapply by April 1, 2024.

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🤖 Dr. Brandeis Marshall talks about AI in the classroom, making assignments un-AI-able, data science, and the new digital AI divide. 


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