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💼 WonderProxy and MapLight are hiring
⭐️ This week's spotlight is on Cecelia Martinez
📆 The National Society of Black Engineers Convention is coming up
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Meet Cecelia Martinez, a driving force at Ionic (now acquired by OutSystems) as a Lead Developer Advocate, where she forges pathways for more inclusive developer experiences. Cecelia's commitment shines in her advocacy for open-source tools, empowering web developers to craft versatile, cross-platform applications with cutting-edge technology.

Her influence in fostering inclusivity in tech is profound, especially as the Chapter Head of Out in Tech Atlanta, where she champions LGBTQ+ representation. Additionally, Cecelia extends her impact by guiding and inspiring as a Lead Volunteer with Women Who Code.

Cecelia’s versatility as a speaker, writer, developer, and mentor has imprinted her expertise across the industry having made significant strides at companies like Cypress and Replay. She is also a GitHub Star alumni, and has served on the program committee for multiple tech conferences.

Stay connected with Cecelia’s tech adventures on Twitter. For a deeper dive into her work and contributions to the tech community, explore her endeavors at CeceliaCreates.com.




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