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💼 Hiro System and Rewiring America are hiring
⭐️ This week's spotlight is on Sarah Drasner
🎯 How To Identify your Target Employer
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Meet Sarah Drasner, a key player at Google. As a Director of Engineering, she leads the engineering team responsible for the web infrastructure of your favorite Google apps.

Sarah's not just about the code; she's about the people behind it, too. She's worn many hats: from VP of Developer Experience at Netlify to a core member of the Vue.js team, and she's also shared her knowledge as a staff writer for the popular blog CSS-Tricks.

Sarah’s book, "Engineering Management for the Rest of Us" was born out of all those things they don't tell you about management but should. It's packed with insights from her own learning curve, helping new leaders navigate the tricky waters of engineering management with a bit more ease.

She's also big on giving back. By co-organizing ConcatenateConf, she's helped Nigerian and Kenyan developers get access to tech conferences for free. Plus, her Web Animation Workshops, co-founded with Val Head, are all about lifting others in the field. Sarah believes tech should be inclusive and works hard to make it so. She’s a mentor, a guide, and a voice for those looking to shape the future of the web.

Want to dive into Sarah's world of tech and leadership? Check out her insights and get a taste of her latest book over at Sarah's personal website.




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