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Hey all! Welcome to Diversify Tech's Professional Edition. This newsletter is for underrepresented people in tech; specifically curated for mid-senior level folks. Every Tuesday, we share jobs, events, and other career opportunities.

In this week's edition,

  • 💼 Sanctuary Computer, Fruitful and Euclid Power are hiring

  • ⭐️ This week's spotlight is on Nitya Narasimhan

  • 📆 Tawana Petty is talking about the pursuit of Data Justice

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Software Development

Full-Stack Software Engineer, Fruitful
🌏 Remote - US
💰 $120,000 - $140,000
Fruitful is fixing personal finance. As a Software Engineer, you’ll contribute to beautifully designed features of their web and native mobile apps using Node.js / Typescript and React / React Native.

Senior Full-Stack Developer, Sanctuary Computer
🌏 Remote-Anywhere and in NYC
💰 $129,543 - $153,956.25
Sanctuary Computer is a tech shop with clients like Nike, General Electric, The Nobel Prize, Herman Miller, Adobe, etc. As a senior developer, you'll lead technical teams, oversee project scoping and estimation, design technical architecture plans, and conduct code reviews. Your role involves direct client communication to align project scope with budget and timeline, ensuring project success by monitoring team velocity, scope, budget, and timeline adherence.

Staff Software Engineer, Euclid Power
🌏 Remote - US
💰 $190,000-$220,000
Euclid Power is building the operating system for the renewable energy industry. As a Staff Software Engineer with full-stack experience including React, Rails, Java, and/or Go, you’ll help architect and choose solutions to product challenges that tame complexity and balance performance, flexibility, and reliability.

Information Technology

Systems Engineer, Lane Education Service District
🌏 Eugene, OR
💰$71,947-$102,294 annually
Lane ESD provides services to Lane County school districts. As a Systems Engineer, you are responsible for system security, as well as system performance monitoring, measurement, and improvements. You’ll ensure workplace and classroom productivity and continuity of services for ESD programs and local districts; including anticipation of emerging needs in the K-12 instructional environment.

Entry-level roles

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Nitya Narasimhan, an outstanding figure in the tech world, known for her expertise in software development and her remarkable talent in visual storytelling. With over 20 years in tech and a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Nitya greatly influences others and is very much admired for her work.

She is a Senior Cloud Advocate working on content, code and tools to help Microsoft’s developer ecosystem build intelligent apps and experiences with AI on Azure.

An advocate of visual learning and the art of visual storytelling in tech, Nitya brings her technical and creative expertise to life through SketchTheDocs, where she simplifies complex tech concepts into engaging visual sketches, enhancing learning and understanding in the tech community.

She is also a Google Developer Expert in Flutter and the founding organizer for the Google Developer Group NYC and DevFest NYC (conference). Additionally, she organizes the AI Entrepreneurs & Developers Meetup - the New York, and is a frequent public speaker and educator, focusing on technology development, personal growth, and professional growth topics.

Discover more about Nitya's impactful journey and connect with her through her GitHub profile and on LinkedIn.




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